Microsoft Office 2010 End of Life is October 2020

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Office 2010 has now been around for 10 years but in October of this year Microsoft will stop supporting the software and no longer release security updates. As with Windows 7 and Server 2008 at the end of 2019 this means the software will be vulnerable to attacks through malicious code.

What are the options for upgrading?

Microsoft has released several versions since 2010 and these include a myriad of new functions and have a very different look and feel. However, if you basically use it to write standard reports and occasional letters there is little advantage to all these new functions.

Sadly, though you have little choice but to upgrade if you wish to keep your systems safe and virus free.

 There are several choices when it comes to upgrading and it is worth considering your future needs before rushing out and just purchasing a standalone license.

Get a subscription

The terminology Microsoft has used can be confusing. They use Office 365 to encompass all the Software (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint etc) and the email facility.

However, you can purchase the emails without the software and the software without the emails. Both are called Office 365 accounts.

So, if you currently have an Office 365 email account you can add the Software license to this same account. The fee for this service is subscription based and can be paid either monthly or annually, the same as your email account. There are various licensing options which range from Personal to Business. Some allow the purchased license to be installed on up to 5 devices, so if you have a work PC, a Home PC you use for work and a Laptop, the same license can be installed on all devices. This can work out cheaper than purchasing 3 individual licenses.

This option also means you will receive any new versions, updates etc as part of the subscription. So, you will never again be in the position of having to replace or renew your license as any new releases will automatically be installed for the time you continue to subscribe.

If you don’t have an Office 365 email account and use Gmail or some other email system you can still purchase the software through an Office 365 Account. it works in the same way as above, but you just don’t have the emails.

One-off license purchase

The other option is to go and purchase a single standalone version of the Office Suite. This will require a larger upfront cost and will also mean you are stuck on that version. When a new version is released there will be no automatic upgrade.

Confused by all the options?

At Optima Systems we have helped many clients migrate to Office 365 Accounts so if you need further clarification or help please contact us on 01293 562700 or send us a message.

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