Business WiFi Solutions

Internet Connectivity is a big deal in the modern office environment. Employees will almost certainly expect a quality business wifi network to connect their devices to. Any visitors you receive will also expect this as they would expect to be offered a cup of coffee. A well designed and secure wifi network is vital - installed by professionals.


We've designed and installed hundreds of business quality WiFi networks - quickly and affordably.

Most routers come with WiFi built-in, but these are often limited and open to abuse. Additional wireless access points can be added to the network to give greater coverage, but these are all setup individually and if you are moving around a building you may have to manually switch between access points to sustain a good signal. Business WiFi Network Wireframe Symbol

An alternative to this is to purchase a system where by several access points are dotted around the building and linked together using a control panel. These are then allocated the same password and configured so as you move around the building your device switches to the access point with the best signal.

WiFi Security and Flexibility

As with the introduction of any new network security is vital. Steps need to be taken to make sure only authorised users can access the network itself and further permissions and security policies can also be added. The creation of a 'guest' wifi network is also advisable. This would be completely separate from the corporate wifi network and used exclusively for guests and employees' private devices.

No two companies or buildings are the same. Let us create a tailored plan for you.

We've installed and continue to maintain wifi networks for many of our clients. They have come to trust our well thought out and security focused work - Networks that are able to grow and adapt with their business.

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