The Power of APL

Historically APL has been used in many areas where its power and ability to consume large amounts of data in one go has been used to great advantage. I those early days APL provided the ‘complete solution’; providing all the necessary functionality to do the whole job and do it well.


Today we are much more used to using a suite of tools and technologies to provide the solution and APL sits neatly within that toolset; often providing the essential ‘glue’ to hold it all together. One of the many nice things about APL is its ability to handle large arrays of data effortlessly and allows conceptual ideas to be built and tested very quickly. Indeed, some of those original ‘concept’ models exist today, often because the intended target language could never match the price/performance offered by APL.

Small Development Teams

Due in part to the ‘complete solution’ ideology many APL programmers are used to developing a solution from end to end, from design and concept all the way through to implementation, testing and training. As a result of this, most APL development teams are small with most projects only requiring one or two programmers. Larger projects may require a different approach but even then, the individual teams making up the overall development effort will be compact.

Our consultants provide a complete solution to APL system delivery and can do it in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

Fast Delivery

Specifications are always good, but understanding is often better. Our team tries to understand the business and the problem before any design is put forward. This means that we don’t spend weeks of valuable time writing down pages of ‘stuff’. Instead we understand the problem, work closely with the customer (sometimes alongside) and with the minimum of up-front effort get on with the job and deliver to the business. Sometimes this delivery is phased over a longer period of time but either way the business benefits by receiving functional code into production much earlier.

The power of APL has allowed us to enter the world of ‘Big Data’. An often-misused term but if you have a lot of data (millions or even billions of records) then APL could be the tool for you.

We use APL and love it!
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