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Data is one of the most valuable things a company can possess. It makes sense that a trusted and tested backup and disaster recovery process is in place. Would your business be able to continue after a theft, a fire or even just a server crash?


Backup both on-site, on-line and imaged.

We advocate on-line backups unless the speed of your internet connection is not up to the job task or there are security reasons the data needs to be kept in-house.

On-line backups using centralised software means everything is backed up every 20 minutes and restored very quickly and easily.

These methods of on-line backups and disaster recovery work extremely well in conjunction to Microsoft Shadow Copy (a solution where files are copied to a hidden section of a server).

However, these backups do not include all the configuration settings on the Server, such as user accounts, folder permissions, SQL database etc. this means that when it comes to restoring data after a major server crash it can be time consuming. Shadow copies are also vulnerable to malicious software such as a ransomware.

Backups and recovery on virtual servers

If your server is a virtual server software such as Veeam can be used to take a snap shot of the entire server and copy it to a NAS Unit (large storage device on the network). This can then be used to restore the image back to a new Server if required. Combined with then restoring the most recent files from the on-line backup this gives the most complete restore process in a fraction of the time.

It’s estimated that 60% of companies that suffer a major data loss will cease trading within 6 months of the disaster.

– Boston Computing Network’s Data Loss Statistics

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    The most common causes of data loss are:


    Hardware Failure


    The biggest cause of data loss. Current generation hard drives have a 100% failure rate when in use. Ultimately means they will all fail. Is your data safe and recoverable?


    Human Error


    Even the most conscientious person can make a mistake. Although processes should be in place so it's not as simple as 'pressing the wrong button', accidents can happen.


    Malicious Attack


    Sadly a huge threat these days comes from malicious and targeted attacks. These can have a profound impact on a company not just through loss of data but reputation and client trust.

    We can help you safeguard against all of these and more

    Backups and disaster recovery are complex topics. It's of vital importance to almost any company you can think off but can often be overlooked until the disaster happens.

    Hindsight is 20/20 so let us help sort and organise your backups and disaster recovery processes. Call us on 01293 562 700 or send us a message.

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