Post COVID-19 Office IT Health Check

Getting your offices back up and running and returning your staff to work after the lockdown takes a great deal of planning. It's likely that all your computers and IT infrastructure will have been dormant for several months. This could potential cause huge problems and disruption when the office starts to fill up.
This is where we can help.

We've put together a full IT systems check specifically designed with the post lockdown office in mind

Our 6 Point IT Health Check is designed to pick up any of the more common issues found after a computer or server has been left unattended or powered down for some time.

These checks will ensure sure that your IT systems are up to date, protected, and running at peak performance. This could save your staff a lot of time and reduce anxiety - allowing them to smoothly transition back to office life.

What is covered in the 6 Point IT Health Check?

Here are the 6 areas our checks will focus on. If your business has any special requirments we can incorporate those also.


1. Check Internet Connection

An Internet connection is fundamental to most modern offices. Almost all electronic devices on the premises will connect to the internet for one reason or another. PCs need a connection to browse online and send and receive emails, even your printers will use it to keep their firmware up to date. Some features of your security systems could also be affected by a poor connection as well as will voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems.

For these reasons, a complete check of the Internet connection is the first thing we do. We will check the stability of the connection and the speed.

Why is this important? Without a solid internet connection to your office updates cannot be downloaded. Internet connectivity is also likely to be vital to many tasks your staff will be working on.


2. Check Network Connectivity

The status of your Local area network (LAN) will be tested for stability and speed much like the Internet connection. This is a vital component of your office infrastructure enabling local filesharing and collaboration and enabling the sharing of networked resources such as file servers, printers and, in some cases, software applications.  

Wi-Fi (both internal and guest access if applicable) will also be thoroughly tested and any issues identified and diagnosed.  

Why is this important? A LAN is the backbone of many offices, allowing resource and hardware sharing.


3. Boot up all PCs & Servers

It’s very possible that all or at least some of the computers in your office have been powered down since the lockdown started. The same might apply to servers though in some cases these will have remained on to facilitate remote working. Servers and computers will be restarted, their boot cycle checked, and logs reviewed to make sure that nothing has happened over the past months that requires attention.

Why is this important? Sometimes problems can build up over time that are not obvious. Leaving them unchecked can lead to slow system response and ultimately failure.


4. Run All Windows Updates

We have all experienced that moment when our computer decides an urgent update must be installed when we start up, usually at the most awkward or vital time.

Since the lockdown started in March there have been eight Windows 10 updates alone. All of these will need to be applied to computers when they are switched on. This could easily take a few hours or more which is not something you want your staff standing around waiting for. We will make sure all updates are applied and all computers and servers are ready to use as soon as your staff arrive.

Why is this important? Your operating system is updatesd from time to time to ensure that bugs are fixed, and any security holes are plugged. It’s a little like taking your car for a service.


5. Update Virus Definitions & Scan

You probably run antivirus software on your office computers (if not you certainly should be!) and like your operating system, updates are released on a regular basis. These updates consist of additional virus definitions to protect you from the new viruses that are constantly being released.

Again, this can take some time especially when it needs to be done on multiple machines. We will not only make sure the definitions are completely up to date but also fully scan each system to make sure there is nothing untoward.

Why is this important? If your antivirus software is not up to date your system is exposed to any new threats released since it was last updated.


6. Sync All Emails & Documents

The office computers have possibly been powered down for some months now and they will need to be synchronised with your email system and potentially other data storage sources in the cloud.

If this is not done properly and before the computer is used it can be hugely confusing and disruptive for the user as their inbox will be out of date when compared to the machine they’ve used remotely or other devices such as their smart phone. Vital customer info and correspondence could be missing and this could take some time to filter down to each machine.

Its far better to allow us to run all these tasks before anyone needs their inbox.

Why is this important? Time is the main reason for doing this before the computer is needed. Your computer will catch up in due course on its own; but why wait? Your staff need the latest information at their fingertips from the moment they log in.

This 6 Point IT Health Check will minimise delays, disruption, and stress as you and your staff return to the office.

 We will visit your office, prior to everyone returning and perform our thorough 6 point check list for a one time fee depending on how many PCs you have.

Number of PCs Cost (ex VAT)
1 - 5 £75.00
5 - 10£125.00
10 - 20£175.00
Over 25 PCs£225.00

(For more than 25 PCs please call us on 01293 562 700 for a quote or contact us here).

We are offering this service for a flat fee irrespective as to whether you are a current Optima Systems client or not.

Arrange your IT Health Check Now

Slots are fairly limited. Each day more companies begin the process to reopen their offices and get their staff back to work. We are carrying out these checks on a strictly first come first served basis. Crawley, Gatwick, Horley area companies will take priority though we will consider other locations.

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