APL Full-service Support

We offer all our clients a flexible approach to any work we undertake and can offer not just programming skills but also testing, Q&A, documentation or simply advice. Support packages can range from a single person for a few hours right through to a team of programmers working on-site for multiple months.


Multiple Interpreter Support

Our team work with a variety of APL implementations including, Dyalog APL, APL2000, VSAPL, APL*PLUS, IBM APL and APL2 and we work on multiple platforms e.g. Mainframe, Server (Windows and Linux), PC and potentially Apple and Android.

‘All of the colours in all of the sizes but if not, we can find it!’

Close relationships with vendors

Even with the huge amount of experience we have writing and supporting APL systems, sometimes additional skills are required. This is where our close relationships with the key APL vendors (APL2000, Dyalog) comes into its own. We are able to talk directly to their support teams and even work with them to help influence future developments of their product.

Having that ability to talk to the developers of the APL product is a major advantage when systems don’t work quite as they should. Although rare it can save many man hours and much frustration to get to the route cause quickly.

If you are unsure about your way forward, then give us a call for a no commitment discussion of your needs and wants covering any of our support offerings. All initial discussions of this nature are without charge and we are also very happy to come to you.

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    We've helped many major companies with the support and maintenance of their existing APL systems, including:

    ASCO - APL Legacy System Support
    AVIVA - APL Legacy System Support
    Janssen - APL Legacy System Support
    Lloyds Banking Group - APL Legacy System Support

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