Cyber Security Solutions for Business

Cyber security solutions is a services we've been providing since our early days almost 30 years ago. It's still essential to have Antivirus software installed on local PCs and Servers to control malicious viruses and malware. However, virus attacks and phishing emails are becoming more and more sophisticated and sometimes slip through the net. It's vital to have well planned and thoroughly tested cybersecurity processes for your business.


Anti-virus software controlled and monitored from a single on-line Dashboard

Adding additional layers of protection can be a way of further limiting the threat. There are 3rd party products that scan emails as they leave your office 365 mailbox and also before they arrive. These are very sophisticated and are more stringent than local antivirus software. Mainly because once it has arrived it can be down to the user to spot it is suspicious.

  1. Enable higher security features on office 365 emails. This can include using a 3rd party to pass all emails through to give an extra level of security and scanning;
  2. Enable virtual servers and backup these images onto a remote NAS unit. Enables entire servers to be restored in hours rather than days if a virus such as ransomware manages to infect the system.

Training and staff education is vital

No matter what software is installed users also need to be educated as to how to avoid opening potentially disastrous emails and clicking obviously dodgy attachments.

Making staff aware that banks and other such companies never send  emails asking for a password. They leave it for you to find out next time you try to login.

Never click on a link within an email of an email you are not 100% sure of. If an email arrives from a company you recognise saying their bank details have changed out of the blue, call to confirm as it can be a scam using hijacked emails.

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