APL Legacy System Support

Many of our clients have legacy systems written in APL that require maintenance and support. Some of the systems we look after were originally written in the early 70’s and they are still performing well today. It is quite amazing to see code written so long ago which runs today even on the latest modern interpreters.


30 Years of APL Experience

We regularly work with legacy systems, overseeing their daily operation and making small changes if and when necessary. Quite often we have an arrangement whereby we can connect remotely from our offices to perform the required work; this speeds up delivery time and reduces cost.


If required, we can move older applications from platforms based around Mainframe technologies over to the now more common server or even PC infrastructures. A benefit of APL is that much of the ‘core’ code remains, even today, unchanged. A simple Lift-And-Shift’ approach to many of these systems will typically only require changes to the screen handling and sometimes not even that.

Depending upon the size and complexity of the system we would normally spend 1-5 days on-site with up to 2 people to get a thorough handover and exchange of knowledge. Thereafter we would hope to be self-sufficient other than to check our understanding with the key knowledge holder or stakeholders.
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    We've helped many major companies with the support and maintenance of their existing APL systems, including:

    ASCO - APL Legacy System Support
    AVIVA - APL Legacy System Support
    Janssen - APL Legacy System Support
    Lloyds Banking Group - APL Legacy System Support

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