Dyalog’22 APL User Meeting, Portugal

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Dyalog User Meeting in Olhão Portugal, 9th-13th October 2022

Dyalog’s user meeting in Portugal this year was a huge success and it was so exciting to feel and hear that buzz that only comes from face to face gatherings. The event was held in Olhão Portugal not far from Faro airport on the southern coast. We were blessed with fine weather all week which made sitting outside and talking into the small hours a very pleasant time.

As always we were offered a wide range of workshops and presentations from Dyalog and APL users from around the world. All of the talks provided great insights into the topics in question and left me thinking I still have much to learn ! Over the next few months I will be trying out some of the ideas and trying to leverage as much as possible from what I have learnt. For those of you who were not able to attend there are videos available on the Dyalog website for some of those presentations to watch at your leisure.

Once again the APL competition showed us how new APLers can solve problems and learn the ‘APL way’ so quickly and ingeniously. Congratulations to the APL competition winners, Tzu-Ching Lee, Rory Kemp, Dzintars Klušs and Michael Higginson. Fantastic work.

Thank you to Dyalog for arranging another great event.

See you all next year!

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