Simulate Multithreading on a Single Thread Using Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (Node.js)

Sameer HumayunComputer ScienceLeave a Comment

Concurrent programming using a single thread, Asynchronous programming (Blocking IO and non-blocking IO) In computing, a thread is a sequence of execution of a program. A thread has a beginning a sequence and an end. At any point during the runtime of a thread, there is only a single point of execution. A thread is not a program it only … Read More

How Does a Computer Add Two Numbers Together?

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Computers are fascinating when you really think about it- how is it that a piece of metal goes from a simple rock in the earth, to being able to do complex arithmetic? Or to be able to remember? In order to understand the more advanced topics, we need to start simple. How does a computer interpret a number? Again, you … Read More