Drupal Commerce or Woocommerce: Which Should I Choose for My E-commerce Solution?

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Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce are the e-commerce platforms for two of the more well known content management systems; Drupal and WordPress. The installation process compared Both WordPress and Drupal have a similar installation process. If you are installing it on the localhost (on your machine) rather than a remote server both can be installed using a localhost server e.g. XAMPP … Read More

How to Delete Your Social Media Profiles – and Why You Probably Should

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As I’m sure you noticed, earlier this year the hashtag #deletefacebook began trending on Twitter. Soon many media outlets were reporting on it as a response to Facebook’s terrible handling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This involved Facebook admitting they knew that the company had gathered the personal information of over 50 million Facebook users and used it to target … Read More

3 Websites that once ruled the Internet

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Do you remember the internet before Google? For many people it seems a difficult thing to even imagine. But it did exist (sadly I was there!) and in those heady days, armed with your trusty 28.8k modem, there were many fantastic sites to visit and use (just remmeber to check no one is using the landline before you connect). In … Read More

Celebrating 25 years of the World Wide Web

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August 23rd was celebrated globally as the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. The exact date is disputed though, and it is said by CERN that the date on which the web was made accessible to the public is really the 6th August 1991. They believe that this should be celebrated as the true birthday of the World Wide … Read More

Mobile app development – The Ionic way

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This is the method used by most developers when it comes to developing an app. The steps are as follows: Here are the advantages of the traditional method: After a quick review of the advantages we can see that there is a lot of freedom to do whatever you want with each platform. However this freedom comes at a price: … Read More

WordPress XSS vulnerability

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A couple of days ago a major vulnerability was discovered in some of the most popular plugins for WordPress. WordPress is the World’s most popular content management systems for websites. According to www.w3techs.com as of January 2015 23.3% of the top 10 million websites were powered by WordPress. Because of its popularity it’s a common target for hackers and software … Read More

What is CSS?

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Just about everyone who has ever been involved with or looked into website development will have heard of CSS. For those who don’t know, CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheet’. I’ll explain a little more about what exactly it does in the next paragraph. CSS can be used to do countless things to websites. Mostly it is used to add … Read More