Optima Systems Ltd acquires PAS Consulting Ltd

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Optima is pleased to be able to announce that it has completed the acquisition of PAS Consulting Ltd. As of the 1st November 2021, PAS Consulting has joined the Optima Systems Holdings group of companies and will be working closely with us.

Like Optima, PAS Consulting is an IT support company which delivers high-quality, hands-on support to its various clients. Many of our activities overlap so there is a strong synergy between us and the bringing together of our companies will only strengthen our support abilities. However, it is not just what we currently do that is important. PAS Consulting brings with it additional skills and experience to our group and enables us to offer new services such as Telecoms, Leased Lines and Cyber Security elements to mention but a few.

Our current customers will not see any changes in their day-to-day dealings with us other than an even better and wider range of services. Over the coming weeks we will be communicating to our combined customer base all the services now on offer and will be looking to engage with new clients to leverage the benefits of our new organisation.

This is going to be a very exciting time for us particularly as we see this as the first of potentially many acquisitions in the future

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