10 Design Classics You Could Have in Your Home

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A Blog on Design Classics You Could Have in Your Home

When you think of classics of design you probably think of a row of beautiful old red Ferraris’ lined up behind a rope in a museum. Or perhaps some other wildly expensive object that is worth far too much for mere mortals to even breath on. In reality, classic and iconic designs are all around us. They can be found … Read More

A Study in Symbols

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Dyalog APL is known as being ‘That Language with 500 symbols’ and whilst there are not quite that many, it is fair to say that anyone new to APL will soon understand how important each symbol can be. Some symbols are quite clear in their use. Plus, for example (+) acts exactly as you would expect when used dyadically and … Read More

Wild Camping After Lockdown Eases

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Boris Johnson has confirmed that as of July 4th camping and caravan sites across the UK will be reopening, provided they can follow the lockdown guidelines. Public Facilities such as showers, bathrooms and washing up facilities will need to be social distance ready before they can reopen. In some cases, this will mean campsites may reopen but not have any … Read More

Why I Think the $700 Apple Mac Wheels Are Actually a Good Idea

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Recently Apple launched its Mac Pro Wheels. Great! Now I can wheel around my $10k computer just for the measly cost of $700. But maybe this isn’t as mad as it sounds. Apple has a certain reputation around high end and luxury electronics. It’s one of the reasons consumers flock to buy the new iPhone every year – a status … Read More

10 Technology Myths That People Still Believe (and Why They Are Not True)

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Most people think of myths as traditional or ancient stories, passed from person to person around a roaring campfire. More recently, urban legends have become a form of modern folklore warning of the dangers of everything from strangers, drinking alcohol, and even to visiting foreign places. Still more recently myths have emerged surrounding the technology most of use in our … Read More

Lockdown Gaming Challenges (for Those With Too Much Time on Their Hands)

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Why do gamers enjoy challenges? For most people video games are a source of entertainment. For some people though video games are a means of earning a living. There are many youtubers and streamers whose main source of income is to play games. Some people chose to stick to a specific game, sinking in hundreds or thousands of hours and … Read More

Hot Hatch: Shoud I Choose Automatic or Manual Transmission?

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Last summer I was in the fortunate position of being able to buy myself a new hot hatch car. Over the years my previous hot hatches have always had a manual gearbox. An automatic either hasn’t been an option or a consideration. Are modern automatics up to the challenge? Advances in the modern automatic transmissions presented me with a dilemma … Read More

How Have Video Games Changed Our Lives?

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How have video games changed our lives?

I’m an avid gamer, and I feel lucky to have grown up witnessing this modern age of gaming. With graphics and hardware capabilities at an all time high, story tellers can create an immersive virtual reality and even begin to place the players directly into the game. If this isn’t suitable, they can bring the game into the real world. … Read More

My other life…Crawley Amateur Boxing Club

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Some of you may not be aware but in my spare time, I help run the Crawley Amateur Boxing Club. Crawley Amateur Boxing Club is based in Three Bridges. It is run wholly by volunteers and is a registered charity. My husband Rees is the Chairman. There are around 100 members ranging from eight years old to adults. There are classes held … Read More

Out of the office…well my usual one at least!

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A slightly flippant remark to my MD when asked what he could do to improve my work experience resulted in a trip with our Finance Manager Jenny, to our other office in… Malmö, Sweden.  I could see this was going to be a great chance to build on my working relationship with Jenny and finally get to see where my … Read More

Rehearsal For Armageddon – The Balkan Wars 1912 – 13

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A Sense of History The long and bloody history of the Balkans is like any other hotly-contested region of the world, where various groups or states have ‘interests’ which unfortunately (for the general population) overlap… The original hotchpotch of petty feudal states evolved after the fragmentation of the old Roman Empire, and continued a precarious existence on the edge of … Read More

Nudge Theory – What drums do you dance to?

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A highly popular science book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness” (Thaler and Sunstein, 2008) is now ten years old. BBC Radio 4 programme “Nudge Nudge” investigates the growing influence of Nudge Theory in government and business (broadcast 8th July and 23rd October 2018). Nudge holds that rather than making decisions on a rational basis, innate behaviours of … Read More

Origins of the QWERTY Keyboard Layout

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I am only human, and with that, I tend to forget things. I find that if I don’t write an important task down, I won’t remember to do until it’s too late. Naturally as a programmer my instinct when it comes to making quick notes is my keyboard, not pen and paper. This all got me thinking, where did the … Read More

A History of Emoji: To celebrate World Emoji Day 2018

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World Emoji Day Celebration Blog - History of Emoji

Today is World Emoji Day! Yes, those yellow smiley faces have their very own day now. But are you interested in the history of Emoji? Where did they come from and who created them? Emoji evolved from something called an Emoticon Remember those? Chances are you used one recently 😉 They are a graphical representation of a facial expression using … Read More

Top Car Museums of 2016

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Looking back over the past year, it occurred to me just how many car museums I’d managed to visit during 2016. Amazingly my wife agreed to visit them all with me as part of our holidays, apart from the first (horses are more interesting, apparently) and last one as she’s been before.Vauxhall Heritage Centre – Luton Starting in June and … Read More