Mount Snowdon charity climb: Report

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The climb was all in aid of raising money for Cancer Research UK, we planned the climb for June 2nd and the weather was absolutely perfect for it, a clear day, around 18 degrees with little wind. The planned routes were using the Snowdon Ranger path for the ascent and the Llanberis path for the descent, which should’ve taken roughly … Read More

Money talks, but can’t spell…

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It is well known that computers are superb at handling numbers (and before anyone raises it, even spelling and other nifty Word-processing tools are reduced to numeric rules and ‘weightings’; sorry…). However, for arcane reasons dating back well over two hundred years, some contractual statements of financial amounts must also be expressed in written English, presumably because potential 18thC fraudsters … Read More

Sonification: Listening to big data

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First off, this has nothing to do with certain weird old Hedgehog-oriented video games (for more details on that, see here). The term actually applies to the translation of often complex, massed data streams from a variety of sources into sounds. Like the associated use of colour, it uses the specialised sensory areas of our brains to easily target (approximate) … Read More

Pi Day

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This year, not only does the month and day of the date (3/14) correspond to the digits in the mathematical constant, the digits in the year do too. If you write the date in the month/day/year format, then the digits of the date 3/14/15 correspond to the first 5 digits of pi: 3.1415. This year’s Pi Day goes a step … Read More

What is lagom?

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I often repeat a quote that I remember from my apprentice days that goes: 90% of the development work is done in 10% of the time, the last 90% of the time accounts for the remaining 10% of code. Today I found a similar one (that makes me think I remembered it wrong): The first 90 percent of the code … Read More