How to spot phishing emails and other online scams

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Phishing emails have existed as long as email itself. These types of cyber attacks carry a huge risk to businesses large and small. According to 43% of cyberattacks targeted small businesses last year. In this post we lay out the possible dangers to your company and then provide a step-by-step guide to what to look out for. How many … Read More

How to use virtualisation for disaster recovery

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* These are known as ‘hot sites’ if you’re interested! This is all very well if you are a multi-million-pound company but for most businesses it’s a ludicrous idea. What everyone wants is something that enables them to get back up and running as quickly as possible, in the event of something happening to their current office setup (flood, fire … Read More

Which VPN software should you choose?

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In this blog Josh Peacock, one of the network engineers here at Optima will compare 3 of the most popular VPNs on the market today. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it essentially adds you onto another Network and all your traffic goes through that Network. You can connect to a network in Hong Kong and all your out-going traffic … Read More

How to safely browse the internet

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Cyber Security: Tips for Safely browsing the internet

Now we use the internet to such an extent we need to make sure our details and browsing history is safe and secure. Cookies are used to track our browsing history and are used by companies to target advertising based of our searches. In some instances, this is useful as it shows us alternatives to our original search, very handy … Read More

New scam attempts to blackmail people for ‘viewing adult content’

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Scammers. The scourge of the internet! Always looking for new ways to make innocent people part with their hard-earned cash. A recent scam involves sending people an email claiming they visited adult websites. They pretend these websites downloaded malware that gave the scammer access to various aspects of the recipients computer. These include what they type and also access to … Read More

5 tips for keeping your network secure

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It’s not just cyber criminals that can bring down your network and compromise data; careless users or disgruntled staff can be just as bad. Your network security is made up of hardware and software, policies and procedures which work to defend against threats to your systems. Layers of hardware and software can prevent threats from damaging computer networks and stop … Read More

Meltdown and Spectre

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Many of the current generation of chips in our computers use what is called a cache to speed up processing. The vulnerability that has been announced in recent days is that under certain circumstances the content of this area can be read and over time passwords or encryption keys identified bit by bit by these exploits that have been named … Read More

Which password manager should you choose?

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Do you find yourself having to click the “Forgot Password” link often? The brain can only remember so much and each individual has different retention levels at which they can memorise and store information. If you use computers frequently it is likely you have a few passwords to remember. Assuming you use a different password for each service you use … Read More

Warning: Locky virus encrypts local files

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Please be aware that there is a new variant of ransomware doing the rounds. This is called Locky and, as with other ransomware, it encrypts all the files not only on the PC but also on any mapped drives on servers. Once the files are encrypted the only way to get them back is to either pay the ransom or … Read More

Can Windows Defender be trusted to look after your PC security?

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Microsoft seem to be (finally) getting serious about providing antivirus and anti-spyware protection after a number of false starts. But is the new version of Windows Defender another of these or is it finally the software that will allow you to dump those costly subscriptions to premium third-party programs? Windows Defender, in name, has been around for a while. It … Read More

Cryptolocker – Infection removal updated

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The nasty Ransom-ware virus know as CryptoWall / CryptoLocker has just updated to version 4.0. You can protect your PC from this destructive virus by following the steps below. We have advised all our clients to do this and have posted the guide below to help others. The first thing is to see if you already have CryptoProtect installed on … Read More