Warning: Locky virus encrypts local files

Jay HineSecurityLeave a Comment

Please be aware that there is a new variant of ransomware doing the rounds. This is called Locky and, as with other ransomware, it encrypts all the files not only on the PC but also on any mapped drives on servers. Once the files are encrypted the only way to get them back is to either pay the ransom or … Read More

Can Windows Defender be Trusted to Look After Your PC Security?

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Microsoft seem to be (finally) getting serious about providing antivirus and anti-spyware protection after a number of false starts. But is the new version of Windows Defender another of these or is it finally the software that will allow you to dump those costly subscriptions to premium third-party programs? Windows Defender, in name, has been around for a while. It … Read More

Cryptolocker – Infection removal updated

Jay HineSecurity

The nasty Ransom-ware virus know as CryptoWall / CryptoLocker has just updated to version 4.0. You can protect your PC from this destructive virus by following the steps below. We have advised all our clients to do this and have posted the guide below to help others. The first thing is to see if you already have CryptoProtect installed on … Read More

Cryptolocker – Infection removal

Jay HineSecurity

CryptoLocker is what is known as ‘ransomeware’. Basically this means that it infects a computer and restricts access to it in someway. They often also constantly harasses the user with annoyances such as popups. The aim of the software is to make the user pay a ransom to the operators of the malware to remove the restrictions. CryptoLocker is spread … Read More