Warning: Locky virus encrypts local files

Jay HineSecurityLeave a Comment

Locky Virus, a new ransomeware threat

Please be aware that there is a new variant of ransomware doing the rounds.

This is called Locky and, as with other ransomware, it encrypts all the files not only on the PC but also on any mapped drives on servers. Once the files are encrypted the only way to get them back is to either pay the ransom or restore from a backup – NO BACKUP NO FILES.

As always it is important to backup files regularly and to check these backups work. However, vigilance is still the best way to avoid infection.

This virus is hidden inside an attached file in an email. If the attachment is opened the content looks garbled and a message asks you to “enable macros”. If you do this you will infect your PC and the server and the rest of the PCs on the network. So no pressure!

In Summary: NEVER ENABLE MACROS. If in doubt don’t open anything and give me a call on 01293 562 700.

Further Reading: This link gives a good description of the virus and is well worth a read