Helicon Health and Optima Systems join forces

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Optima Systems Ltd is proud to announce that as of today we will be partnering with Helicon Health.

We have been working together on a variety of projects over the past 12-24 months and Optima has provided technical and media support to Helicon in respect to some of the latest technologies coming to market in the healthcare world.

With the onset of Covid-19 the healthcare world has, almost overnight, been turned upside-down. Prior to C-19 the front line of medical delivery was via a face to face consultation with medical practitioners. Today such interactions are to be avoided where possible and instead consultations over the phone or by video are considered the new norm. Something that would have raised eyebrows only a few months ago.

New technologies, devices, and a willingness suddenly to give alternatives a try. Not only can practitioners talk to patients remotely, but equipment can also be provided to allow remote diagnostics to be performed. This not only makes best use of Practitioner time but can be much easier for the infirmed patient to receive safe medical assistance potentially anywhere in the world.

Bringing care closer to home improves outcomes and experiences for patients and saves both time and money.

Working closely with Helicon Health, Optima Systems provides the necessary administration of these remote services plus friendly technical assistance when things do not work quite as they should. For Helicon, having a reliable backup and support facility allows them to offer bigger and better services over a wider area.

At this time we are exploring a number of potential technical avenues that go beyond just local surgeries but also high end audio-visual equipment for hospitals that enables consultants from anywhere in the world to communicate directly with patients or other practitioners. These devices allow the remote consultant to advise or direct others, enable them to see and hear what is being discussed and be directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of their patient.

Covid-19 has been a shocking wake-up call for everyone on planet Earth and nothing we can do today can help the thousands of lives lost already to this terrible virus. However, no matter how bad things are we should learn and adapt and use the opportunities that arise to provide essential services quickly, efficiently, and safely.

To close, some words from Tony Bowden, CEO of Helicon Health.

“It is with enormous pleasure to announce and formalise a very successful partnership with Optima Systems that has in fact been working very well for quite some time. This is much more than an outsource arrangement. Our customers rely on Helicon Health in so many ways and our partnership with Optima enables us to deliver an extended range of technology services and capabilities with quality night and day”

– Tony Bowden, CEO - Helicon Health

Helicon and Optima, helping you all stay safer

For more information please visit: heliconhealth.co.uk

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