Paul Grosvenor

Managing Director

Paul is the founder and Managing Director of Optima Systems which he set up in 1990. His role today has changed considerably since those early days and now he spends much of his time on the road talking to new potential clients and spreading the word. Paul visits the USA on a regular basis as well as travelling around the UK particularly now that Optima has moved away from primarily financial software into the realms of clinical data and medical research.

Paul is a mechanical engineer at heart and much of his early career centred around the design of military aircraft such as the Harrier Jump Jet. Whilst working in this field he got involved with manpower requirements forecasting and was tasked to write a computer analysis system which would allow the production managers to determine factory staff requirements across the UK over time based on a variety of assumptions. This started his fascination with the use of computers to deliver answers to difficult questions quickly and easily.

Paul’s engineering training gave him the ability to remain focussed and identify viable routes to a solution. Being able to see through the ‘fog’ and clearly define what needs to be done has allowed Optima to thrive in areas where others have failed. Paul continues to apply these basic principles to his daily routines and today Optima remains a powerful solutions delivery enterprise for business.

Paul Grosvenor - Managing Director, Optima Systems

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