Optima Systems now ISO 27001:2013 Certified

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On the 12th February 2020 just before the Pandemic hit us, Optima Systems achieved an ISO9001 certification. Today I can announce that we have achieved ISO 27001 certification as well. From now on, not only can you expect that Optima Systems runs an efficient business which delivers quality products but also that we implement and maintain a rigorous information security standard as well.

ISO 27001 is all about information security; keeping our data, and client data safe but also to refine our processes continually to ensure best performance and industry practices.

Our processes have been independently reviewed, approved, and signed off. From now on we will be audited, internally and externally, to ensure that we maintain the high standards expected.

We never expected the pandemic to hit us like it did, but the planning and preparations made over the past year for ISO certification have most definitely put us in a better place to ensure that even when working remotely our Business Continuity plans and security policies have been proven to work.

The ISO 27001 standard

The standard covers the entire organisation and ensures that once certified a fully functioning Information Security System will be in place. This system is subject to continual assessment and improvement and ensures that as the business changes so to do the systems surrounding it.
The standard applies to any organisation, regardless of size or industry and helps ensure that information held is safe and that IT risks are kept to a minimum.

Benefits of the ISO 27001 standard to Optima Systems

The benefits of certification are many but key for us would be:

  • Control of IT risk;
  • Systematic detection of vulnerabilities;
  • Fulfilment of internationally recognised requirements;
  • Structured method to adhere to compliance requirements;
  • Enhanced trust between partners and clients;
  • Minimisation of IT risks;
  • Confidentiality of information;
  • Reduce the likelihood of security breaches.

What does this mean to Optima Systems?

Now that we have both ISO 9000 and ISO27000 under our belts we can show to our customers that we are able to provide quality services or products and we can manage the safe handling of data and information more generally.

We are a company that can be trusted, that can be worked with and relied upon.

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