10 Design Classics You Could Have in Your Home

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A Blog on Design Classics You Could Have in Your Home

When you think of classics of design you probably think of a row of beautiful old red Ferraris’ lined up behind a rope in a museum. Or perhaps some other wildly expensive object that is worth far too much for mere mortals to even breath on. In reality, classic and iconic designs are all around us. They can be found … Read More

How to use Akismet Anti-spam with Contact Form 7

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What is Akismet? Akismet is an spam filtering service launched back in 2005 by Automattic – the people that created and maintain the WordPress content management system (CMS). You can download the Akismet plugin from the WordPress repository here – it also ships with most fresh WordPress installs (along with the infamous Hello, Dolly!) unless removed by your host. The … Read More

Technology Firsts That You’ve Never Heard Of

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1. The First Social Network SiteThis one is a little difficult to quantify. It depends very much on what you consider to be a true social networking site. Before even the internet was around there was much social activity on Usenet and the early bulletin boards. For this item, we will use most people’s idea of the modern social network.Most … Read More

Top Technology Pioneers You’ve Never Heard Of

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Pretty much everyone knows the name Bill Gates. Most can possibly even associate him with the founding of Microsoft back in 1975. The same is probably true of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos (Apple and Amazon respectively) and more recently, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk of Tesla. However, there are many technology tycoons whose inventions and advancements affect … Read More

How to move Steam games to another drive

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As video game technology continues to move forward and players demand more and more performance the thing we tend to have less of now is storage space. This is, of course due to the cost of SSD drives per gigabyte compared to traditional hard disk drives. Each new AAA game release seems to set a record for required installation space. … Read More

How to Spot Phishing Emails and Other Online Scams

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Phishing emails have existed as long as email itself. These types of cyber attacks carry a huge risk to businesses large and small. According to SCORE.org 43% of cyberattacks targeted small businesses last year. In this post we lay out the possible dangers to your company and then provide a step-by-step guide to what to look out for. How many … Read More

How to fix screen sharing in Skype for Business

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How to fix screen sharing in Skype for Business

In October 2018 Microsoft released the Windows 10 October Update (version 1809). It was re-released on November 13, 2018. The update fixed many issues (you can see them listed here) but as with many major updates it also caused problems and unintended side effects. For me the major issue caused by the 1809 update was that it stopped my abilty … Read More

How to Delete Your Social Media Profiles – and Why You Probably Should

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Deleting Social Media – A movement? As I’m sure you noticed, earlier this year the hashtag #deletefacebook began trending on Twitter. Soon many media outlets were reporting on it as a response to Facebook’s terrible handling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This involved Facebook admitting they knew that the company had gathered the personal information of over 50 million Facebook … Read More

Google Fined 4.3 billion Euros for shady Android behaviour

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Google Fined 4.3 billion Euros

As you may have heard, Google got a pretty big telling off by the European Commission yesterday. 4.3 billion Euros worth in fact, which works out at around £3.8 billion. It’s the largest fine the EC has ever dished out, beating the 2.3 billion Euro fine that it handed out last year (to Google again!) for manipulating search results to … Read More

3 Websites that once ruled the Internet

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Do you remember the internet before Google? For many people it seems a difficult thing to even imagine. But it did exist (sadly I was there!) and in those heady days, armed with your trusty 28.8k modem, there were many fantastic sites to visit and use (just remmeber to check no one is using the landline before you connect). In … Read More

A History of Emoji: To celebrate World Emoji Day 2018

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World Emoji Day Celebration Blog - History of Emoji

Today is World Emoji Day! Yes, those yellow smiley faces have their very own day now. But are you interested in the history of Emoji? Where did they come from and who created them? Emoji evolved from something called an Emoticon Remember those? Chances are you used one recently 😉 They are a graphical representation of a facial expression using … Read More

Amazon Prime Day: Some facts and figures

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Amazon Prime Day Facts and Figures

It is that time of year again and Amazon Prime Day is here! Each year we seem to hear more and more about it even though it started way back in 2013. It’s also not actually just a single day, the event (and the deals) last for 36 hours this year. It has become a day of eye watering numbers … Read More

Microsoft tones down Windows 10 upgrade prompt following ‘user feedback’

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Yesterday (28th June), Microsoft announced that due to ‘user feedback’ it was updating it’s much maligned Windows 10 upgrade prompt.The new design will feature clearer options to either upgrade now, schedule a time to upgrade or decline the free offer entirely. This is a response to criticism from users that the old prompt behaved differently to long established windows conventions, … Read More

Tech roundup 19th February 2016

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Feb 15: Adobe pulls update that deletes unrelated files without warning Adobe pulls update that deletes unrelated files without warning https://t.co/9ZTgkS89Yn — Optima Systems (@OptimaSystemsuk) February 15, 2016 Jay says: ‘Be careful when updating Adobe on a Mac as it may delete unrelated files without permission.’Feb 16: How to get more life from your laptop or tablet battery How to … Read More

Tech Roundup 12th February 2016

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Feb 8: Dell’s new BIOS security tool makes its laptops harder to hack Dell’s new BIOS security tool makes its laptops harder to hack https://t.co/GRhSaeTx4b — Optima Systems (@OptimaSystemsuk) February 8, 2016 James says: ‘Dell’s new BIOS security tool is a handy new feature that will prevent ‘root kit’ virus’s from gaining control of your BIOS. This is the part … Read More