Tech Roundup 12th February 2016

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Feb 8: Dell's new BIOS security tool makes its laptops harder to hack

James says: ‘Dell’s new BIOS security tool is a handy new feature that will prevent ‘root kit’ virus’s from gaining control of your BIOS. This is the part of the computer you see before Windows starts up so protecting this is an excellent new feature.’

Feb 9: Error that forces your iPhone to shut down forever is for your own good, Apple says

Jay says: ‘Is this really a good thing? Or just another way for Apple to force users to buy its products/support.’.

Feb 10: BBC News - Flash banner ads banished by Google

Jay says: ‘Google say that they are banning only ads made by adobe flash software to get advertisers to switch to making ads in HTML5. Question is, is HTML5 a good replacement?’

HSBC down: online banking still down as attack continues

Jay says: ‘Has this security breach affected you? Has it affected your trust in in online banking and the security surrounding it?'

Feb 12: Fancy 100Mbps satellite broadband? It'll be here before too long

James says: ‘Satellite broadband sounds great, but is it any better than fibre optic?'