Tech roundup 19th February 2016

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Feb 15: Adobe pulls update that deletes unrelated files without warning

Jay says: ‘Be careful when updating Adobe on a Mac as it may delete unrelated files without permission.’

Feb 16: How to get more life from your laptop or tablet battery

Jay says: ‘There are many ways of saving battery life on your mobile device. There are many apps which sit in the background constantly checking and polling for update and messages which will drain battery life quickly. Turn these to “manual” checking and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not being used.’

Feb 17: BBC News - Mega bug may hit thousands of devices

Jay says: ‘Interesting, Google finds a dangerous bug in a rival operating system.’

Feb 18: Dangerous new ransomware Locky threatens to throw away the key

Jay says: ‘Another new strain of ransomware arrives as a Word Document in an email, disguised as an invoice.'

Feb 19: iPhone bricked by Error 53? Apple has a fix for that

Sam says: ‘Error 53: This phone crippling error is actually trying to help. It is in place to try and prevent a third party screen replacement from stealing your biometric data via Touch ID (In this case your fingerprint). There are ways around it but make sure you avoid the update if you have a non-Apple screen replacement.'

And finally, on a non-tech related note…

Meanwhile, over in Japan, a man with a penchant for bus bells has taken his collection of over 600 of them on tour. Well, it’s one way to spend the weekend… Src: