How Can I Backup My Data While Working From Home?

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Backups are even more important now we are all working from home.

How are you storing your data?

Those lucky enough of us who can work from home are probably using laptops, either sitting at our kitchen table or ensconced in our small offices (converted junk room), using all the tools we can to keep things going.

When we are in the office all our data is saved onto a server and backed up centrally. Some of us will be still using this system by connecting to our office via a VPN and then using the server as if we were there.

However, for a lot of people this isn’t the way their systems are configured.

Whilst working from home it is imperative to ensure all the data you are working on is safe, secure and backed up regularly.

What if you are working from home with no access to the office server?

If you are an Office 365 user, you will have access to OneDrive and possibly SharePoint. These can both be configured to give access to all the necessary files and folders remote users need.

Both store the data in the Cloud and then allow those files you are working on to be synchronized onto your Laptop or PC. These files are also available on your tablet or mobile phone.

If you are not an Office 365 user, then there are lots of different options out there to use. Google Drive, Dropbox to name a couple.

But the most important thing is to have copies of your valuable data somewhere other than just on your own hard drive. If all else fails copy to an external hard disk or USB device.

What if you need access to your office server but do not have a VPN or Remote Desktop Servers?

Working from a laptop with emails and the files you have just created is great but if you have accounting databases or need access to older files that are all on your office server then working in isolation doesn’t work.

There are currently some great deals on remote access software, which is where you install a host piece of software onto your office PC and then through a web portal you can gain access directly to the PC from anywhere. This effectively replicates you sitting in front of the PC in the office.

So, if you had access to certain databases or bespoke systems you will have them through this system.

We have been rolling out RemotePC for several clients as they are currently offering between 50 and 90% discounts on their products.

These solutions are easy to install although you do need the PC to be left on and possibly someone to go into the office to install the Host element.

Whatever you decide please don’t just rely on a single copy. It would be awful to come out of this lockdown period only to find your hard work got corrupted or lost.

Stay safe and well.

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