Our Experience Moving to Microsoft Office 365

Jay HineTechnology

During last month Optima Systems moved away from our locally installed Exchange Server and migrated to Microsoft Office 365. We went for the full version which gave us not only “Hosted Exchange” but also the newest version of Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.). So when Office 2016 was released a couple of weeks ago we were able to download and install it as part of the monthly cost.

Although we had no real problems with our local version of Exchange we decided that having Hosted Exchange was still a step forward. The migration of all our historical data took a day, mainly due to having years and years of old emails, but as we had all our new emails etc. immediately it wasn’t the end of the World.

The joy of Office 365 is that not only setting it up on every type of device, PC, Phone, Laptop and Tablet is a breeze but it also means that emails are not reliant on a local server and internet connection. Whatever happens in the office it will never affect your ability to send and receive emails, and let’s be honest emails are now the life blood of most companies.

The full version of Office 365 not only gives you the latest version of Office but also Skype for Business and 1TB of space on OneDrive for Business. Also a nice trick is that providing you are logged into your Office 365 account whether you open your PC, Tablet or Laptop, Word and Excel show you the last document you were working on, even if it was on a different device.

All in all, I cannot recommend Office 365 enough. It is the way forward and given prices range from around £4 to £10 per month per mailbox there is a version for everyone.

If you would like further details, please gives us a call on 01293 562 700 or click here to contact us.