AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPUs Announced

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The hypetrain around the latest iteration of the Ryzen processors shows no sign of slowing down. Last week AMD released the official product line of the next generation Ryzen desktop CPUS, specs and all. Specifications Model Cores & Threads Base (GHz) Boost (GHz) TDP Price Ryzen 9 3900X 12C/24T 3.8 4.6 105W $499 Ryzen 7 3800X 8C/16T 3.9 4.5 105W … Read More

DisplayPort no signal – How to fix this issue in Windows 10

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How to fix the displayport no signal issue in Windows 10 title image

DisplayPort no signal: The question “have you tried turning it off and on again?” gets joked about a lot in computing; when someone has a problem, it’s well known that a quick reboot often works a treat. I recently faced a hardware issue on my PC at home whereby one of my two monitors seemed to suddenly no longer connect … Read More

How to fix screen sharing in Skype for Business

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How to fix screen sharing in Skype for Business

In October 2018 Microsoft released the Windows 10 October Update (version 1809). It was re-released on November 13, 2018. The update fixed many issues (you can see them listed here) but as with many major updates it also caused problems and unintended side effects. For me the major issue caused by the 1809 update was that it stopped my abilty … Read More

Electric cars – are we going back to the future?

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In my second blog instalment relating to electric cars I thought I might consider how the future might look. Before I do however let’s look back in time to 1900 or thereabouts. London, Oxford Street looked something like this;And in 1910, something like this;You will quickly notice that in the space of only 10 years we changed from a largely … Read More

AMD vs Intel: Who makes the best CPU?

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The rivalry between the two companies has heated up dramatically since AMD released it’s line up of Ryzen processors. Promising blistering performance without breaking the bank. Have AMD delivered on these claims? Let’s find out. Wait, what happened to AMD? Intel has dominated the CPU Market since the mid-2000s. In the early days of Computing AMD and Intel were often … Read More

A trip to London for Microsoft Azure Training

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This week I went to London for a Microsoft Azure fundamentals 2-day course. We have had a few clients mention they would like to move to the ‘cloud’ so thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about Azure. What is Azure? Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying and managing … Read More

Smart speakers – justified paranoia or am I just behind the times?

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I have to confess that even though I work in IT my house is anything but a hive of technological gadgets. I don’t even have a smart meter! During recent conversations more and more people admit to having installed Amazon Alexa or Google Smart Assistant devices in their homes. These devices are activated by a keyword “Alexa” or “Ok Google” … Read More

Google Fined 4.3 billion Euros for shady Android behaviour

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Google Fined 4.3 billion Euros

As you may have heard, Google got a pretty big telling off by the European Commission yesterday. 4.3 billion Euros worth in fact, which works out at around £3.8 billion. It’s the largest fine the EC has ever dished out, beating the 2.3 billion Euro fine that it handed out last year (to Google again!) for manipulating search results to … Read More

Keeping Your Tech in Tip Top Condition

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Tips for keeping your tech in tip top condition - A blog.

These days keeping your tech in tip top condition is vital to many. The average adult is awake for 15 hours and 45 minutes every day and 45% of that time is spent using Tech. You may think your screen, keyboard, mouse etc looks clean but studies have shown that a ‘touch’ phone has approx. 25,000 germs per square inch. … Read More

Using a gaming mouse at work

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I recently purchased a new mouse for use in the office. It’s the same model I use at home (mainly for gaming) but it was so useful I thought I could increase my productivity in the office. The typical response when people see this mouse is shock, amazement and most people think it’s unnecessary. I’ve grown so accustomed to it, … Read More

Major outage hits Sky Broadband

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sky outage

Tuesday August 2nd – A major outage is effecting Sky Broadband customers this morning and seems to be a nationwide issue. The problems started being reported at around 8am. Sky tweeted quickly: We are aware that fibre customers are having issues browsing, engineers are investigating. Sorry for making your morning more stressful. ^MM — Sky Help Team (@SkyHelpTeam) August 2, 2016 The … Read More

Major BT Broadband outage

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Wednesday 20th July – From about 9.00am BT’s broudband services has been suffering severe disruption. The issue is affecting several parts of the country ans is currently listed as ‘ongoing’ on BT’s service status page: A tweet from BT just after 9am confirmed the issue. Some BT Broadband customers have reported problems accessing websites this morning. Sorry, we’re aware of … Read More

Home user guide modems and routers

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In this blog post I will attempt to explain the function of modems and routers at a level where anyone who has them in their home can understand. If you have Wi-Fi at home you are more than likely going to have a modem and a router, either as separate components or all in one box. Before we get down … Read More

Microsoft tones down Windows 10 upgrade prompt following ‘user feedback’

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Yesterday (28th June), Microsoft announced that due to ‘user feedback’ it was updating it’s much maligned Windows 10 upgrade prompt.The new design will feature clearer options to either upgrade now, schedule a time to upgrade or decline the free offer entirely. This is a response to criticism from users that the old prompt behaved differently to long established windows conventions, … Read More