AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPUs Announced

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The hypetrain around the latest iteration of the Ryzen processors shows no sign of slowing down. Last week AMD released the official product line of the next generation Ryzen desktop CPUS, specs and all.



Cores & Threads

Base (GHz)

Boost (GHz)



Ryzen 9 3900X






Ryzen 7 3800X






Ryzen 7 3700X






Ryzen 5 3600X






Ryzen 5 3600






What else does 3rd Gen Ryzen offer?

If we were to go back to 2015 and ask any CPU enthusiast if they would think that by 2020 AMD would be on par if not ahead of Intel most would exhale sharply out of their nose and let out a small laugh, yet here we are. There Is a lack of benchmark data and we have no idea how the 3rd gen chips will behave in the real world, but it is now a real possibility that AMD will now be level or better than Intel.

We are not only seeing better clock speeds, but we will be seeing an increase in cache, the use of PCIe 4.0 and speculation that the Ryzen chips could be compatible with DDR4 5000MHz RAM speed. Clearly, if that is the case, purchasing RAM at such a speed will not be cheap.

How does this AMD generation compare to Intel?

AMD are now bringing a 12-core chip to the mainstream desktop market at less than half the price of Intel’s offering the Intel Core i9-9920X, which will set you back a whopping $1,199. Now what is truly impressive is the AMD chip has a higher base clock speed (3.8 GHz to Intel’s 3.5 GHz) and higher boost speed (4.6 GHz to Intel’s 4.4 GHz). Then you look at power consumption, the AMD processor uses 60W less than the Intel chip. On paper AMD seem to be ahead in this respect.

However, if you compare Intel’s flagship consumer CPU the i9 9900k to AMD’s equivalent AMD seems to still be a bit behind, it has a higher base clock speed (3.8 GHz to 3.5 GHz) but lower boost (4.6GHz to 5 GHz) and a higher TDP (10W difference). But it is clear the line between AMD and Intel is blurrier than ever and we will only know once consumers and reviewers are able to get their paws on them to see who comes out on top.

What does this mean for us?

Regardless of the outcome of the forthcoming benchmarks this Is going to allow AMD to slurp up even more marketshare away from Intel and make the consumer CPU market even more competitive.

3rd Generation Ryzen chips will officially be released on the 7th July 2019.

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