Affordable Disaster Recovery Solutions for Small Businesses

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What Disaster? When we talk about Disaster Recovery, we all think of the large corporations having spare offices setup in a different location with Desks, PCs and Servers just waiting for something catastrophic to happen to the old office. When it does, the idea is that people can swap into the spare office and continue working as if nothing happened. … Read More

How to Safely Browse the Internet

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Cyber Security: Tips for Safely browsing the internet

Now we use the internet to such an extent we need to make sure our details and browsing history is safe and secure. Cookies are used to track our browsing history and are used by companies to target advertising based of our searches. In some instances, this is useful as it shows us alternatives to our original search, very handy … Read More

Major Outage hits Sky Broadband

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sky outage

Tuesday August 2nd – A major outage is effecting Sky Broadband customers this morning and seems to be a nationwide issue. The problems started being reported at around 8am. Sky tweeted quickly: We are aware that fibre customers are having issues browsing, engineers are investigating. Sorry for making your morning more stressful. ^MM The issue seems to be related to IPv4 traffic … Read More

Major BT Broadband Outage

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Wednesday 20th July – From about 9.00am BT’s broudband services has been suffering severe disruption. The issue is affecting several parts of the country ans is currently listed as ‘ongoing’ on BT’s service status page: A tweet from BT just after 9am confirmed the issue. Some BT Broadband customers have reported problems accessing websites this morning. Sorry, we’re aware of … Read More

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends Soon

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As you may be aware the Free Windows 10 Upgrade will end on 29th July 2016. Once this ends the approximate cost of the Windows 10 software will be around £170.00. If you have any questions, please feel free to give call us on 01293 562 700.

Warning: Locky Virus Encrypts Local Files

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Please be aware that there is a new variant of ransomware doing the rounds. This is called Locky and, as with other ransomware, it encrypts all the files not only on the PC but also on any mapped drives on servers. Once the files are encrypted the only way to get them back is to either pay the ransom or … Read More

How to stop Windows 10 Automatic Upgrades

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Upgrading to Windows 10 can be of benefit to a lot of people. However, if you are running a small network with various bits of 3rd party software you may not want the upgrade to take place. Microsoft have created a small program that now sits in the Taskbar (see above image) asking you to upgrade and it is this … Read More

GDBA 2016 – It’s almost time to announce our winner!

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As some of you may know, this year we are proudly sponsoring the award for Digital Marketing Business of the Year at the 2016 Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. It’s been a far more interesting journey that we expected when we set out. We’ve meet some great people with genuine passion for Digital Marketing. We’ve also been exposed to some great … Read More

Windows PC in a Stick

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If you are someone who gives training or demos to either existing or potential clients have a look at this neat bit of kit. This is basically a complete PC in a stick. It has a Windows operating system, Bluetooth for a Keyboard and Mouse and a Wi-Fi connector to attach to either a client’s Wi-Fi or your own HotSpot … Read More

Windows 10 free upgrade ends on 29th July 2016

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Windows 10 arrived on July 29th 2015. Reception has generally been very good and certainly more positive than for the release of Windows 8. To encourage adoption, Microsoft have been offering a free upgrade to users with devices running Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. he free upgrade period ends on 29th July 2016 and after that getting Windows 10 will … Read More

Cryptolocker – Infection removal Updated

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The nasty Ransom-ware virus know as CryptoWall / CryptoLocker has just updated to version 4.0. You can protect your PC from this destructive virus by following the steps below. We have advised all our clients to do this and have posted the guide below to help others. The first thing is to see if you already have CryptoProtect installed on … Read More

New Staff member – Yasmin Bryant

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Yasmin Bryant has joined Optima Systems as an Office Administrator. She will be the friendly voice on the end of the phone. She will ensure you are put through to the right person and failing that will take a message and ensure someone calls you back. She will also keep us topped up with coffee so we are awake when … Read More