My Tips for Working from Home Better During the COVID-19 Quarantine

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I have never worked from home in my life. Always dreamed about it, how great and easy it would be, especially as I have two young children, 4 and 6. Now my dream just came true, realising it could be a nightmare. I am lucky, I have a healthy family, roof over our head and I have a new job I can do from home, because in IT, lock-down or not we do business as usual. I have had couple of weeks now practicing how to set up my home office, educate my children, run the household as best as I can and hold it together, most of the time.

Routine is the key

New one of course, the old one is out of the window for a while. It gives you and your family the confidence and structure, when nothing else is in your control

Wake up in reasonable time

Make sure to feed the children well. Get them and myself dressed to start the day. Help the children to do some learning. If they want to be teachers, go with it, build a tent in the room, anything to keep our sanity and to keep them occupied. Then they can have some snacks and my husband takes over with activities. This is when you try to fit in as many meetings and as much works as you can. Many times, you catch up with some duties in the evening when everyone is watching tv just to make sure the tasks are completed.

Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate!

Coordinating with husband is essential as he also works from home and doing his fair share of the home educating part with both of our offspring.

Make time for fun

After lunch, make the most of the fresh air by trampolining with the little ones in the garden, followed by cycling. I am very proud of my younger one as she has only just learned how to ride a bike without stabilisers. Then back home for a daily scheduled online PE class followed by dinner - homemade pizza prepared by the kids is the favourite.

After dinner the family preferred activity is interactive online bowling.

This is a new “normal” day in our life, and even though I am quite sporty and active, I do not recall doing this much activity for a rather long time. I reckon by summer I will be a size 8, joking…it will be before that

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