Dyalog 17 begins!

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Dyalog 17 APL User Meeting, Elsinore

As a major player in the APL arena both here and the USA, this week a large contingent of our development staff are attending the prestige event on the APL calendar, the ‘Dyalog 2017 Conference’.

Dyalog are streaming a number of conference events live here, but all the sessions will be available via their website shortly after the conference. This long-established, annual event is being hosted this year in Helsingor, Denmark (yes, that’s Elsinore to you Shakespeare fans – 17th century spelling didn’t have the advantage of auto-correct). The conference centre itself is in a beautiful setting, looking across the straits to Sweden.

Optima will be demonstrating its continued, full participation via a number of web-posts in the coming weeks, plus live tweets during the sessions. Feel free to follow the discussions!