Dyalog ’17 Elsinore – Day 3

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Main Auditorium Dyalog '17 Day 3

Dyalog '17 Day 3 – Wednesday September 13th 2017

Wednesday was a very busy day, we had the normal kind of talks in the morning, but then we had an eventful afternoon and evening; we had the Viking Challenge and after that the banquet.

Managing a never ending project - Alexey Miroshnikov, Infostroy Ltd

The first talk we had was from Alexey Miroshnikov; he went into detail about the different approaches he and his team took to managing the project at hand. They based their management plan around Microsoft Projects originally, and decided it wasn’t really working out, which got worse with the introduction of Office 365.

This prompted Alexey to look into the agile programming methodology, Scrum, which they found suited their needs. Alexey took a more managerial role and hired someone to lead the management of tasks, known as a Scrum Master.

In the end, he had discovered that they had managed to split the endless project into multiple, smaller projects.

Dyalog 17.0 predictions - Richard Smith, Dyalog

Richard spent some time reviewing previous file system functions that had been implemented in versions 15.0 and 16.0. Richard then detailed improvements and enhancements we will and could see in version 17.0.

These consist of core changes to parameters being used by these system functions, passing lists to something like ⎕NDELETE will no longer require the use of an (¨)each.

I personally look forward to seeing what new goodies will be on display in the file system functions, in Dyalog 17.0

A fireside chat - Andy Shiers, Dyalog

Andy picked a fair few interesting features out of Dyalog 16.0, that we may have missed, and some expected and potential features of Dyalog 17.0.

Polyominoes in APL - John Niss Hansen

John has built an application to explore polyominoes. This was based around polyomino puzzles, both creating and solving the puzzles, as well as exploring the technical side of polyominoes in the “lab”.

There is a built in automatic solving feature too. Using 3D graphics in an APL application isn’t brand new but this is still an impressive feat.

Evolutionary Programming - Gil Athoraya, Data Analyitcs

Gil offered a detailed take on different artificial neural networks, covering things like: Evolutionary Algorithms used to solve optimisation problems and generate artificial intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming.

This is all in aid of trying to find the best code to execute, intelligently and/or the best hybrid of artificial neural network scenarios.

Codegolf tournament winners

We also had the banquet where I announced the winners of the Codegolf tournament.

In first place we had Francesco Garue, and Veli-Matti Jantunen received the special award.


The day was a very busy one from start to finish, but it did have a lot of very good content,the most interesting parts for me were Andy and Richard from Dyalog’s talks about new and upcoming features.

Please note: Dyalog has made available a complete list of resources and materials from the Dyalog '17 User Meeting in Elsinore.

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