Stormwind Simulator at Dyalog ’16

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Stormwind Simulator at Dyalog ’16

Stormwind is a project that has gained a huge amount of interest in the APL community. This is due to the fact it is a 3D boating simulator. Where this may be commonplace in other languages, in APL this is a very unique and rare occurrence.

Tomas and Stormwind

Tomas Gustafsson, the creator of the Stormwind Simulator, has given many demonstrations and talks about his simulator. This time he had a little help to bring the experience to attendees. He gave the attendees of the Dyalog ’16 User Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, a different demonstration this time around.
Tomas has been working with a simulator company from Ireland, Simotion. They helped his project really come to life. The transport and installation of the very unique Hexapod platform at the User Meeting was sponsored by Optima Systems. This allowed attendees to take on a truly immersive simulation.

The challenge

Attendees were informed there would be a competition in which you would compete with one another. You would compete in pairs, a captain and a navigator. You would take on a time challenge to travel from point A to point B. It certainly wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The sea is unforgiving and different routes meant different problems. There were routes with higher waves, with lots of land to navigate and with long distances but calm waters. You were also being pursued, but by what?

There was something Tomas added to keep us on our toes, a persistent swarm of ‘angry eggs’. These eggs could travel at 75 knots whereas your boat could only travel at 55 knots. They could also inflict damage on your ship and throw you off course.

The results

Many of the Optima team took part but we all had our own difficulties. All of us, apart from two who were able to make it the whole way. Mike and Jenny, had taken a day trip to Glasgow. They visited the User Meeting and of course had a go on the simulator. They were actually the only attendees to finish the challenge and in doing so, won the competition.

Taking us by storm

Seeing the Stormwind Simulator in action and being able to take a ride on it was a fantastic experience. One which I don’t think any of us will forget in a hurry.

Tomas is just one of the many extraordinary people pushing APL further than ever before. He is helping to prove that you can do just about anything with it.


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