Peter Merritt

Senior Consultant (APL)

Peter is one of our senior consultants and has many years of programming and software consultancy to call upon, having ‘seen the light’ and changed careers from the Public Sector back in the early 1980s when computers less powerful than your watch filled a room!

However, that start with what is now the client side taught him many valuable non-technical lessons about processes, organisation and above all – people. As such he leads development groups to provide our clients with flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet a variety of business needs. In between projects, he likes to keep us abreast of the very latest developments in our field – ‘organic’ system design, AI ethics and robotics – and helps to train our apprentices to become consultants in their own right.

Outside of work, apart from new computer developments, Peter is interested in history, psychology, end-user interaction, plus designing and umpiring military/political simulation games (not using computers); he especially enjoys running the ‘red team’ opposition for larger efforts…although the main players may not agree! On rare occasions outdoors he also loves to watch things in flight, be they birds, old aircraft or the latest vehicle to leave our tiny blue planet.

Peter Merritt - Senior Consultant (APL), Optima Systems

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