Christmas 2020 at Optima Systems

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Well what can you say, 2020 has not been what we expected, and neither will Christmas. Normally Optima, like many companies, would have an office party, maybe do secret Santa and be sending Christmas cards out to customers. But sadly, this year it has all changed.

Nevertheless, all is not lost, what we can and will be doing this year is;


Our weekly staff “Stand-Up” meeting will become a showcase for the very best in Christmas jumpers. Via Zoom, we hope to see some of the most impressive fashion statements to be viewed over the internet and if nothing else it should raise a few eyebrows. Can't wait!


After this we will be holding our first virtual Take-Away Lunch. Everyone is encouraged to attend our virtual meeting with lunch made up from whatever take-away they fancy; so will it be the Double Big Mac or the Pizza Hut Christmas Dinner Pizza or maybe even the SubWay Tiger Pig? To top that off we will wash it all down with a 12 days of Christmas quiz. This should be entertaining and definitely makes a change from the usual daily grind (although I do remain unconvinced about the Tiger Pig).


Christmas cards this year are going to be canned due primarily to the logistics around Covid-19 so instead we will be making a charity donation as we have done in previous years. This year we are going to keep it local and help The Greenaway Foundation provide Christmas meals to 500 families in our area and presents to make some children’s wishes come true.

Please visit the Greenaway Residential website for more info.

So, after all that has gone on in 2020, maybe we can end it on a high, bring a few smiles, and make Christmas this year one worth remembering after all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at here

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