Our (Small!) Green Initiative

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It seems to me these days that everything we do is scrutinised from a sustainability standpoint. Business practices and personal behaviour that was once commonplace now causes eyebrows to be raised and fingers to be wagged. Even the humble plastic drinking straw has been consigned to history (sorry kids!). Of course, all of this is for positive reasons and the … Read More

Electric cars – are we going back to the future?

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In my second blog instalment relating to electric cars I thought I might consider how the future might look. Before I do however let’s look back in time to 1900 or thereabouts. London, Oxford Street looked something like this; And in 1910, something like this; You will quickly notice that in the space of only 10 years we changed from … Read More

Meltdown and Spectre

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Many current chips in our computers use what is called a cache to speed up processing. The vulnerability that has been announced in recent days is that under certain circumstances the content of this area can be read and over time passwords or encryption keys identified bit by bit by these exploits that have been named ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’. The … Read More

SwedAPL’17 Announced

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SwedAPL comes around again and this time it is to be held at the offices of CompuGroup Medical in Stockholm. Unbelievably this is the fifth annual reincarnation of what is becoming a very popular event. This year the topic is cross platform APL and if previous years’ are anything to go by it should an interesting and lively event. The … Read More

Dyalog 16, Glasgow is fast approaching

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The Dyalog user meeting is only 3 weeks away and plans are now finally coming together. This year is the 50th anniversary of APL and a whole day and a half has been put aside to look forwards, backwards and sideways at all things APL. We hope that the whole event will attract APL programmers from all around the world … Read More

Dyalog Announce Dyalog Version 15.0

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Dyalog today announced that version 15.0 is now available on all platforms and includes performance enhancements, new system functions, improved look and feel and a new RIDE (and lots more!). NOTE: Personal/Non-Commercial use of Dyalog APL is now completely free. The non-commercial system is a fully functional 64-bit Unicode interpreter, except on the Raspberry Pi where it remains a 32-bit … Read More

BAA announce free one day seminar

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The British APL Association is pleased to announce a free one day seminar on Friday 20th May 2016 in The Tavern Room at the RSA London. The event will include Guest Speakers, Workshops and a chance to Network. The BAA AGM will also be on the day. A light lunch and refreshments throughout are included with your registration. ALL ATTENDEES … Read More

SwedAPL 2016 – Copenhagen

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SwedAPL meets for its third outing on 1st April 2016 at SimCorp’s offices in Copenhagen. This time the subject is Concurrency in APL and it should be a fascinating day. The day will consist of talks, workshops, an opportunity to solve some of your problems or simply to sit with like-minded people and catch-up. Even if concurrency is not at … Read More

SwedAPL 2015 – Malmö

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Wednesday 11th November (just over a month away!) will see the annual meeting of Swedish APL users. It’s being held at the famous Turning Torso building in Malmö. So far there are several presentations and workshops planned in including talks from Morten Kromberg of Dyalog and Peter Simonsson of Aplensia. If you would like more information on attending, please visit … Read More

Pi Day

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This year, not only does the month and day of the date (3/14) correspond to the digits in the mathematical constant, the digits in the year do too. If you write the date in the month/day/year format, then the digits of the date 3/14/15 correspond to the first 5 digits of pi: 3.1415. This year’s Pi Day goes a step … Read More

What’s happened in 25 years

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We thought it would be fun to look back at a few everyday things to see how they have changed since 1990. Let’s start with a classic “hot hatch” – the VW Golf GTi. The current one is still recognisable as a Golf. It’s also bigger, faster, more economical and better for the environment. And still available in red. It’s … Read More

Optima Nominated at the Gatwick Diamond Awards 2015

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Well here we are and Optima is almost exactly 25 years old; close to a quarter of a century of support and development and almost half of my lifetime. Optima Systems is no longer our baby. We’ve had the terrible two’s, teenage tantrums and student woes so now maybe, just maybe, Optima has grown up and come of age. In … Read More

25 Years of Optima Systems

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We have a number of exciting events planned throughout the year, starting with a celebration with colleagues and friends on Thursday 19th February. On Wednesday 25th March, we will be exhibiting at the Target Business Expo at the Dorking Halls, in Dorking. The event is FREE to attend and will offer lots of information and advice across a wide range … Read More