First thoughts on Evolutionary Programming

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A talk at the Dyalog ’17 User Meeting that I must admit wasn’t on my radar, took me by surprise and really caught my attention. The talk was from Gilgamesh Athoraya of Data Analytics AB, and it was about Evolutionary Programming. The talk was a detailed take on using artificial neural networks to enable your programs to evolve. This is … Read More

Dyalog ’17 – Reflections on Day 3

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Wednesday was a very busy day, we had the normal kind of talks in the morning, but then we had an eventful afternoon and evening; we had the Viking Challenge and after that the banquet. The first talk we had was from Alexey Miroshnikov; he went into detail about the different approaches he and his team took to managing the … Read More

Stormwind Simulator at Dyalog ’16

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Stormwind is a project that has gained a huge amount of interest in the APL community. This is due to the fact it is a 3D boating simulator. Where this may be commonplace in other languages, in APL this is a very unique and rare occurrence. Attendees were informed there would be a competition in which you would compete with … Read More

Mount Snowdon charity climb: Report

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The climb was all in aid of raising money for Cancer Research UK, we planned the climb for June 2nd and the weather was absolutely perfect for it, a clear day, around 18 degrees with little wind. The planned routes were using the Snowdon Ranger path for the ascent and the Llanberis path for the descent, which should’ve taken roughly … Read More

Sam to climb Mount Snowdon for charity

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My father and I, are raising money for Cancer Research UK by climbing Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales. We have set up a JustGiving page to allow people to donate to us directly without any hassle of arranging/collecting donations which in turn saves the charity money. Our target is on the ambitious side (£500) but I’m … Read More

Counting Cards in APL

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When I first started APL in August 2012, I was pointed in the direction of the annual International APL Problem Solving Competition run by Dyalog. I used it as method to practice what I had learnt. While I looked at the problems I saw one based on the poker game Texas hold ’em. It revolved around calculating the value of a hand with … Read More