How have video games changed our lives?

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How have video games changed our lives?

I’m an avid gamer, and I feel lucky to have grown up witnessing this modern age of gaming. With graphics and hardware capabilities at an all time high, story tellers can create an immersive virtual reality and even begin to place the players directly into the game. If this isn’t suitable, they can bring the game into the real world. … Read More

The Computer Keyboard: Not Just for Cats to Walk On

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I am only human, and with that, I tend to forget things. I find that if I don’t write an important task down, I won’t remember to do until it’s too late. Naturally as a programmer my instinct when it comes to making quick notes is my keyboard, not pen and paper. This all got me thinking, where did the … Read More

Bridging the gap between APL and Python

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One of the things I was most looking forward to at Dyalog ’17 was Marinus Oosters’ presentation of Py’n’APL. I caught a brief glimpse of his work on a webinar beforehand, and it was enough to inspire me to start learning Python in my spare time. Py’n’APL is a bridge between Python and APL; It allows you to execute Python … Read More

Dyalog ’17 – Reflections on Day 1

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The conference started with a warm welcome by the CEO of Dyalog, Gitte Christensen. She highlighted just how important these conferences are for the company by pointing out that there is only one member of staff left to man the office, versus the twenty-one attending the conference. Gitte mentioned the changes to staff over the past year: She went into … Read More

Using a Gaming Mouse in the Work Place

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I recently purchased a new mouse for use in the office. It’s the same model I use at home (mainly for gaming) but it was so useful I thought I could increase my productivity in the office. The typical response when people see this mouse is shock, amazement and most people think it’s unnecessary. I’ve grown so accustomed to it, … Read More

Generating Cell Refs in Excel – As Easy as A-Y

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I’ve been working on a project for our accountant Jenny helping to generate the Networking Finance reports. In a nutshell this involves a query on the Coretime database to retrieve any relevant time entries- those of specific clients, projects and those made by appropriate employees, and also between a time-frame of one calendar month. These entries get sorted and the … Read More

Conferencing as a Dummy – My Thoughts on Dyalog ’16

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I had been looking forward to this User Meeting for a whole host of reasons, mainly because there would be a whole lot of new experiences; I’d never been to Scotland before, I’d never been in one room with quite so many smart APLers, and I’d never been to a work related conference. There was an opportunity for a lot … Read More

Celebrating 25 Years of the World Wide Web

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August 23rd was celebrated globally as the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. The exact date is disputed though, and it is said by CERN that the date on which the web was made accessible to the public is really the 6th August 1991. They believe that this should be celebrated as the true birthday of the World Wide … Read More

Sliding Down Memory Lane

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I often got frustrated with puzzles as a child. Not in the sense that I couldn’t do them, but that I would never be satisfied until I could find a solution. It’s that kind of persistence which led me to propose this problem: Sliding puzzles (Read about them on Wikipedia), like the one pictured above, are something I remember from … Read More

Just Meshing Around

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I was working on phase one of the Dyalog Problem Solving contest for students, and I came across a problem that gave me a bit of trouble: Write a dfn that takes vectors as its left and right arguments and returns them “meshed” into a single vector formed by alternately taking successive elements from each argument. The arguments do not … Read More

Experiences on the Dyalog APL Training Course

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Crawley to Bramley isn’t supposed to be the most complicated journey in the world, yet somehow it turned out to be for us. My mum decided that she’d take me up there to spare me the pain of public transport. With conductor strikes and England’s train system being a bit of a mess in general, I tried my hardest to … Read More

Optima welcomes James Heslip

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Optima is pleased to announce yet another apprentice has been taken on. This brings our total now to 5. We thought we would let him introduce himself in his own words. My first real introduction to programming was during my GCSE years at school. They were introducing a new course, computing, being an alternative to the current course, I.T. I … Read More