APL CodeGolf Using MERN and APL

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This post describes the thought process I went through and technical decisions I made during the development of APL CodeGolf. The whole development started with an idea my colleague floated around a month before the conference. Sam Gutsell suggested it might be a good idea to run a code golf competition in which delegates could compete to get the tersest … Read More

Dyalog Glasgow Round Up

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Last week I attended the Dyalog User Meeting in Glasgow. I decided to summarise my ‘top talk’ from each day in this post. This is purely based on personal opinion. Each summary contains an overview of the talk along with my thoughts. Stephen Mansour’s talk was in fact a workshop. The intention: to show attendees the newest features in the … Read More

Which password manager should you choose?

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Do you find yourself having to click the “Forgot Password” link often? The brain can only remember so much and each individual has different retention levels at which they can memorise and store information. If you use computers frequently it is likely you have a few passwords to remember. Assuming you use a different password for each service you use … Read More

Home User Guide Modems and Routers

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In this blog post I will attempt to explain the function of modems and routers at a level where anyone who has them in their home can understand. If you have Wi-Fi at home you are more than likely going to have a modem and a router, either as separate components or all in one box. It’s important to understand … Read More

Mobile App Development – The Ionic way

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This is the method used by most developers when it comes to developing an app. The steps are as follows: Here are the advantages of the traditional method: After a quick review of the advantages we can see that there is a lot of freedom to do whatever you want with each platform. However this freedom comes at a price: … Read More

A Report on BAA 2016

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Last week the Tavern Room at the RSA in London played host to a free one-day seminar put on by the British APL Association. A gathering of nearly 30 APL enthusiasts attended and enjoyed the talks by several presenters. The day kicked off with a welcome speech by the current chairman of the BAA, Paul Grosvenor. He was delighted to … Read More

Neural Networks and APL

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‘Neural Network’ is a term becoming very popular in the computing business at the moment. Big technology companies are sinking large sums of money into researching, building, and harnessing neural networks. But what exactly are they and what are they used for? A quick Google search will instantly tell you that neural networks not only refer to computing but also … Read More

Tricky Triangle Trivia

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For this week’s problem we’ve sought inspiration from Project Euler. I’ve been working through the problems there and got the group involved where I’ve struggled. This particular problem is one that we’ve yet to find a satisfying solution to. So we’re looking to the APL community for help. Highly divisible triangular number 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, … Read More

Image Filters in APL

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Today we live in a very competitive world. Each company wants you to buy it’s product and more than likely, they have a competitor. So how do we decide which product to buy? A lot of it comes down to advertising and how the different companies market their products. Magazines, TV ads, models, these are all weapons used to conduct … Read More

Chrome Plugin Problems

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Had trouble viewing content in Chrome after the version 42 release? As a developer I don’t always use chrome’s PepperFlash player. Today (16/04/2015) I came in to find that an application that was left in a perfectly working state simply wouldn’t load. It displayed the ‘To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version x.x.x or greater is installed.’ … Read More