Windows 10 free upgrade ends soon

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As you may be aware the Free Windows 10 Upgrade will end on 29th July 2016. Once this ends the approximate cost of the Windows 10 software will be around £170.00.

Our Experiences

Having used Windows 10 in our Company for nearly a year I have found it to be very stable and usable. It is far better than Windows 8 and will not be replaced anytime soon.
Windows 10 is here to stay and is not the white elephant that Windows 8 was reported to be.

Possible Issues

The only issue with Windows 10 is whether your 3rd party software will run on it. So if you are running an old version of CRM or Accounts software, there is a possibility these may not be supported and will not run on Windows 10. A phone call to the software vendor will usually answer this for you. Failing that try good old Google.
Of course your PC / PCs need to be capable of running the new operating system but most PCs up to about 3 years old seem to be fine. Although, I would say that a minimum spec would be an i5 Processor and 8Gb RAM.
The upgrade process can be relatively simple although there are always some PCs that have a problem. In which case a format and reload usually solves this.

What if I Don’t Upgrade?

Windows 7 will continue to receive security updates until January 2020 so there is no need to replace your existing operating system. However, PC vendors will slowly stop supplying PCs with Windows 7 installed and Windows 10 will become the mainstream.
Therefore, if you decide that upgrading your existing PCs is too painful or you find that your 3rd party software will not run on Windows 10 you need to think about upgrading these to enable the use of the new operating system in the future. This will safe guard your equipment, will enable you to take advantage of the better operating system and to purchase new PCs with Windows 10 preinstalled.

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