What’s Happened in 25 Years

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We thought it would be fun to look back at a few everyday things to see how they have changed since 1990. Let’s start with a classic “hot hatch” – the VW Golf GTi.


The current one is still recognisable as a Golf. It’s also bigger, faster, more economical and better for the environment. And still available in red. It’s a quality product.

Here at Optima, we are bigger, our computers are faster and we are still providing quality IT support and system solutions as we always have done.

Let’s look at the mobile phone. Relatively new in 1990 it was heavy and just that – a mobile phone. Nowadays of course with the advent of the smart phone the mobile has become a hand-held computer which happens to make phone calls.


Did you know that under our Total Support plan we can set up and look after your mobile phones? Why not call us on 01293 562 700 and ask for a FREE no obligation on site IT health check – we can include your mobiles and all manner of other devices under one support contract.

To coincide with our 25th year we have taken the opportunity to refresh our website.


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