How I’m Keeping My Social Life Going During Lockdown

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A social life during lockdown? Is that even possible?!

Many people that know me, know that I like to socialise and meet up with friends and family most weekends. After a busy week at work it is nice to relax and chat with friends about the week’s stresses and worries.

Family first

Staying in touch with people is more important than ever now with the world in lockdown and many families having to deal with the tragedies of loss of life to this virus and the day to day struggles that come with this new way of life.

What I miss the most

I miss just being able to meet up for a coffee and a chat with my mum and sister. Time  is even more valuable now, before the virus we all took this freedom for granted. It really makes you think about how precious our time spent with our family is.

For many not being able to see friends and family makes this lockdown even more difficult to cope with. We are all having to adjust to this and find new ways of communicating.

A different kind of house party

For the past few weekends I have been using the House Party app which is free on both android and IOS. This just one of a new wave of apps making life in lock down a little more bearable.

It is a social networking app that came out at the end of 2015 and was bought by Epic Games famous for the Unreal series and Fortnite in 2019.

This face to face social networking site, which has been a great tonic with Gin of course –allows me to see all my friends together. The House Party app alerts you to when friends are ‘in the house’ ready to see you and others can join in when they want to. You can have 8 friends at one time and can lock your room to just the friends you have invited to party. There are:

  1. Chips and Guac
  2. Heads Up - Sound it out
  3. Heads up Karaoke night
  4. Heads up act it out
  5. Quick Draw
  6. Trivia – General Knowledge
  7. Trivia – Finish the song Lyric

It just feels like when you log in you arrive at the Pub and see all your friends in one place. In fact, I now have quite a busy social calendar thanks to this app!

Whatever works for you?

Whichever way you find makes life easier, allows you to stay in touch with friends and family and adds an element of fun can only be a good thing right now.

Stay home, stay safe and make sure you keep checking in with friends and family!

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