GDBA 2016 – It’s almost time to announce our winner!

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It’s almost time for us to announce our winner!

As some of you may know, this year we are proudly sponsoring the award for Digital Marketing Business of the Year at the 2016 Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. It’s been a far more interesting journey that we expected when we set out. We’ve meet some great people with genuine passion for Digital Marketing. We’ve also been exposed to some great ideas and ways of working that we are now hoping to integrate into our culture. It’s fair to say that as a company we’ve taken far more out of the process than we expected to.

But now the difficult part is upon us. It’s almost time for us to decide who we think is the Best Digital Marketing Company for 2016.

The final three are:

Cobb Digital

Cobb Digital is part of the Cobb Marketing Group with offices in Brighton and Eastbourne. Although a relatively new company the staff many years of experience in Marketing and PR.


Purple Rose Digital

Purple Rose Digital is a Social Media Marketing agency based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. It was founded in 2014 by Aneela Rose as a sister company to the successful Aneela Rose PR (


Rocket Mill Digital Marketing

Rocket Mill is a Digital Marketing agency founded by brother Ben and Sam Garrity alongside Yousaf Sekander. From the outset Rocket Mills guiding aim was to become the best agency in the UK through attracting the best staff and producing the best work for clients.



As we’ve said, we got a lot out of this process. It was fun and enlightening as it’s always great to get insight into how some of the bests companies in their fields work.

The winner will be announced very soon!