Optima nominated at the Gatwick Diamond Awards 2015

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We been nominated for Gatwick Diamond International Business of the Year 2015

Well here we are and Optima is almost exactly 25 years old; close to a quarter of a century of support and development and almost half of my lifetime. Optima Systems is no longer our baby. We’ve had the terrible two’s, teenage tantrums and student woes so now maybe, just maybe, Optima has grown up and come of age.

In this our 25th year we entered the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards in the category “International Business of the Year”. Four years ago we wouldn’t even have even considered anything so bold. In those days we hardly had any foreign interest and what we did have was thought of as a rather quaint and potentially dangerous piece of “pocket money”. And why? Because that is what we had been led to believe.

Well that little piece of pocket money has turned into a rather nice chunk of business and a chunk that is getting bigger day by day. These quaint little companies (rather large little companies actually) are turning Optima into a rather good looking young adult and she, or should that be he, is growing up very fast now.

So what’s next ?

Of course we will continue to have more tantrums, stamping of feet and a few tears but in a way that defines Optima. At the end of the day she is very well behaved and can be taken anywhere without any fear of letting you down. Optima can sit at the business table and hold her own with the rest. We can finally, and with some confidence, leave her alone for a few days in the knowledge that she can look after herself.

And to top it all off we learn today that Optima has reached the FINAL of the Gatwick Diamond International Business of the Year. What an achievement ! Only time will tell if she wins but it is great that she made it this far.
I guess I’ll need to buy her a dress, shoes and a bag now as well...