Windows PC in a stick

Jay HineTechnology

The ultimate in PC portability

If you are someone who gives training or demos to either existing or potential clients have a look at this neat bit of kit. This is basically a complete PC in a stick. It has a Windows operating system, Bluetooth for a Keyboard and Mouse and a Wi-Fi connector to attach to either a client’s Wi-Fi or your own HotSpot from your mobile.

With an internet connection you can easily access your OneDrive or whatever cloud based system you use to access presentations, documents etc. If the presentation is small enough it may even fit on the spare space on the stick itself. All you need is a large screen / TV with an HDMI socket to be up and running in minutes.

There are other more expensive and sophisticated models on the market but we currently use the one above to run a large TV showing tasks and outstanding jobs for our developers and engineers.

These can be purchased from Amazon with different memory sizes.