The skirting board problem – Solved

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This problem looks deceptively simple at first glance, but in the science of optimisation it is actually considered a hard problem to solve as the time to calculate a solution increases exponentially with the size of the problem. Ignoring that I focused on coding an algorithm to find the solution for the given input. After some considerable thought and experimentation … Read More

Creating logical search vectors

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We are all well aware of the power of manipulating logical vectors. However, those happy-go-lucky users out there just keep pushing the boundaries (and their luck). Some time back, we were presented with a semi-formatted character vector (from several source files) containing code-delimited sets of data, something like: “…OpenCodeF$ text number number more text other ClosingCodeF$ stuff stuff number OpenCodeB$ … Read More

The skirting board problem

John 'Jake' JacobAPLLeave a Comment

The object of this weeks problem is to find the best way to cut the boards as purchased into lengths of skirting so that joins in the skirting are avoided when fitted to the walls. For example: Write a routine to calculate the optimum cutting pattern to produce un-jointed skirts from boards. Allow 40 mm at each end of a … Read More