A Trip to the FinnAPL User Meeting

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The FinnAPL meeting this year is hosted just outside Helsinki in Hämeenkylä Manor. Arriving at the manor the night before I couldn’t appreciate the beautiful setting until I woke up this morning to a snow covered landscape all around from my room’s view. The seminar was formally opened by Veli-Matti Jantunen who welcomed us all before diving straight into the … Read More

Dyalog ’17 – Reflections on Day 4

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Dyalog does a great job of filling their user meetings with interesting presentations, and this year was no different. Personally, I find that the challenge then becomes for the attendees to soak in as much as possible without getting overwhelmed by the ocean of information: As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge, the last day of the meetings follows … Read More

Konga – IP communication on k vs Dyalog APL’s Conga

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Dyalog APL introduced their new communication toolbox Conga a few years back. This week they are presenting the latest (upcoming) version 3.0 in the annual Dyalog user meeting (this year in Glasgow), which promises enhanced features such as built in http and websocket support. I got my hands on an early build with the aim of testing the new features … Read More

APL Sounds Good – Part 2: Transformers

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One thing that I find really interesting and impressive about the APL language is the way it transforms traditional programming language into a succinct notation. Take for example the typical mean calculation. In traditional languages: and in APL: The APL form is dense, but it summarises perfectly the intention. In signal processing there’s a similar way of transforming data from … Read More

APL Sounds Good – Part 1

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My first hobby code project in APL was signal processing tools. It was something I had studied in university and felt like a good candidate for APL programming. When I saw a question about sound in APL in the Dyalog forum recently, it rekindled my interest and I decided to explore the domain again, 10 years later. The question posed … Read More

AA – Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Abbreviations and acronyms are great when you want to save space (or typing). There exists a plethora of commonly used abbreviations in most languages and most people recognise and read them without any problems. But how do you best shorten a new name or phrase? We have a collection of drug descriptions, typically not more than a dozen distinct items. … Read More

The Skirting Board Problem – Solved

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This problem looks deceptively simple at first glance, but in the science of optimisation it is actually considered a hard problem to solve as the time to calculate a solution increases exponentially with the size of the problem. Ignoring that I focused on coding an algorithm to find the solution for the given input. After some considerable thought and experimentation … Read More

What is lagom?

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I often repeat a quote that I remember from my apprentice days that goes: 90% of the development work is done in 10% of the time, the last 90% of the time accounts for the remaining 10% of code. Today I found a similar one (that makes me think I remembered it wrong): The first 90 percent of the code … Read More