Tom Cockram

Software Developer

Tom is an apprentice APL developer. He was born in Haywards Heath and has grown up in Southwater. At college he studied I.T, Media Studies and Sport BTEC where he realised that he was interested in software. After finishing college he started his career as a Mobile Application Tester before moving into an apprenticeship in software development.

His interests include basketball, football and writing. Having played football and basketball at a young age and regularly playing basketball. Tom started writing for an online esports magazine a couple years ago and continues to contribute to the magazine in his spare time.

He found software development through his participation in esports. After realising that making a career in this area was hard he looked at related industries. During his time with Mobile app testing he spent time making automated testing solutions and doing some iOS development in his downtime. Tom Joined Optima in 2019 and started working on their APL solutions.

Kevin Wallis - Operations Director, Optima Systems

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