Lucy Sargent

Network Engineer

Lucy is a Network Engineer at Optima Systems. Lucy's passion for technology has driven her to join us, leaving behind a successful 10-year career in childcare. Her fascination with technology blossomed from building gaming PCs in her free time, inspiring her to seek hands-on experience and learn from industry professionals.

Based in West Sussex, Lucy brings a diverse set of interests to the Optima Systems team. When she's not immersed in her professional pursuits, she loves traveling to different countries, exploring nature through long walks, and diving into the world of gaming. Additionally, Lucy has a knack for restoration and DIY projects, finding joy in reviving neglected items.

Lucy's enthusiasm, combined with her willingness to learn, makes her a valuable asset to Optima Systems. She is eager to collaborate with seasoned professionals, absorbing their knowledge and contributing her fresh perspectives. With her passion for technology and dedication to personal growth, Lucy has made a meaningful impact on our team.

Lucy Sargent - Network Engineer

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