Gil Athoraya

Senior Consultant (APL)

Application and web technology have never moved at a faster pace than today. What is all hot one day is old hat the next. To keep Optima on the bleeding edge and future proof, Gilgamesh was appointed the chief of Research and Development.

With a background in Electrical Engineering and a keen interest in both natural and programming languages, Gilgamesh started his career in 2005 when he first came across the APL programming language. Gilgamesh is fluent in four spoken languages and enjoys cycling and eating in his spare time.

Over the last decade Gilgamesh has gone from learning and refining his skills in APL to providing end to end solutions for clients in various platforms, languages and frameworks. Optima has provided challenging and exciting work that has allowed Gilgamesh to evolve into the senior consultant he is today.

Gil Athoraya - Senior Consultant (APL), Optima Systems

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