To SSD or not to SSD

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What exactly is an SSD?

SSD stands for a “Solid State Drive” – it’s the same technology as found in an iPod or USB memory stick, it allows very fast boot-up as the disk doesn’t spin and programs load almost instantly. It’s light and durable but most importantly it’s blazingly fast. In fact in some cases up to 12 times faster than a conventional hard drive that you would find in the average business class desktop PC.

Save time and money

So how much time can you expect to save from a user having an SSD? Well in a study involving 8001 people the average person in the UK lost 130 hours to slow loading computers, applications and downloads. 130 hours! And it’s not just time saved it’s your employees stress levels too. Watching loading screens, waiting for files to copy and email attachments taking forever to load is extremely frustrating.

“Swapping your old PC hard disk for a lightning fast SSD not only increases productivity but also gives your old equipment a new lease of life. With the easy to use migration tools the entire process can take around an hour to complete and this includes the transfer of all your installed programs. SSDs are now main stream kit and no longer cost the earth!”
 - Jay Hine, IT Director - Optima Systems

We can help

Optima are now offering the move to SSD as a service to existing and new clients. We can install the new drives and handle the data migration so you won’t miss a beat.

Please call 01293 562 700 and ask to speak to Jay Hine or contact us here to make arrangements.